Motivation for Young Parents is a blog for is a place where young parents and for supporters of young parents, to gain and/or give motivation and inspirational support. I was a teen parent who was raised by a mother who was a teen parent. I understand the struggles of an teen parent and have done public speaking in support of teen parents. I also work as a case manager/ home visitor position working with teen parents. I started this page because I wanted a place to share my experience and knowledge. Thanks for checking out my page.

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Teen Moms and Discrimination

Pregnant Teenagers and Discrimination 

I often wonder why people discriminate on young mothers. I often ask myself, Is it that they cannot put themselves in another’s shoes? How could they not see the value in the decision to not terminate their pregnancy? Do they not see the how much the mother loves her child not to give the baby up? Could they not see that the mother didn't run away from her responsibilities whether she was going to be single or not? Young mothers decide that something else is more important than them (there children).

Videos About Discrimination

School Forces Pregnancy Tests, Kicks Out Pregnant Students

Pregnant 8th Grader Outed To New Mexico School Assembly

15-Year-Old Girl In The 8th Grade Forced To Tell Entire School That She's Pregnant!

Schools scramble with teen pregnancy

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