Motivation for Young Parents is a blog for is a place where young parents and for supporters of young parents, to gain and/or give motivation and inspirational support. I was a teen parent who was raised by a mother who was a teen parent. I understand the struggles of an teen parent and have done public speaking in support of teen parents. I also work as a case manager/ home visitor position working with teen parents. I started this page because I wanted a place to share my experience and knowledge. Thanks for checking out my page.

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Internet Research, Q&A

1) Have you experienced discrimination because you were a young parent or was mistaken for one?

"I was out with my little niece (who was 6 at the time, I was 18), and I love the girl but she's a handful! Especially when she's out with her auntie...anyway, she war running kind of wild, at one point I had to literally chase her and grab her...and I got a LOT of dirty looks and eye rolls, people assumed I was her mom. Even after she'd calmed down and I was carrying her around, when we went into a mall people kept giving us dirty looks and definite judgement was going on. It gave me a bit of insight into what young parents go through, and made me kind of disappointed in humanity. ~anonymous (18-21, F)"
"lol I took my lil brother to open school night and everyone thought I was his father everyone treated me with respect (lol were only 6 years apart).~anonymous (18-21, M)" 
" Yes many times because I look a lot younger than my age and my kids look so different from one another.~anonymous (41-45, F)"

2) What would be your first reaction to your own baby girl giving birth to her own baby girl unknowingly?

"i would support her and love her like a mother should but i wouldnt step out of my boundaries and take care of her baby and ill help were i am able too but she made the adult derision to get pregnant and keep the baby than she can raise it like an adult ~anonymous (18-21, F)" 
"I would love her, without question. ~anonymous(61-65, M)"  
"I don't have a daughter. If I did I would be shocked at first but I wouldn't turn her away~anonymous(46-50, F)"  
"Hell yes, she is only 17, she is my daughter. (and I didn't have daughters) ~anonymous (56-60, F)"

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